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  1. How To Clean Jewellery and Watches

    How To Clean Jewellery and Watches

    For a super-speedy and practical way to clean your favourite fashion jewellery and watches, we at Luxe by Hugh Rice recommend using Connoisseurs Cleaning Products – a leader in jewellery care, it’s here to help maintain and bring life back into your rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watches.

    All that hard work and play from our everyday life can decrease the brilliance of your jewellery and wristwatches – perfumes, perspiration, soaps, hairspray, dirt and even pollution all contribute to make jewellery a little more tarnished and a little less attractive.

    With Connoisseurs Cleaning Products and our jewellery and watch knowledge, we have come up with some care tips for you to follow and are here to help you adopt a cleaning regime to bring life back into your Pandora ring, your Michael Kors watch or your Luxe by Hugh Rice engagement ring!

  2. Luxe by Hugh Rice is now online!

    Welcome to the new home for your favourite brands including PANDORA, Nomination, Michael Kors, Thomas Sabo, Olivia Burton, Swarovski and more!

  3. Pandora Disney Collection

    A partnership sure to bring a touch of magic into every woman’s life, the Pandora Disney Collection blends the expert craftsmanship and timeless beauty of Pandora with the beloved characters of Disney.

  4. History of Thomas Sabo

    The story of Thomas Sabo as a brand and a worldwide phenomenon centres around a founder committed to quality and passionate about fashion, with the foresight to generate desirability.

  5. Caring for Nomination jewellery

    The unique charms and the hand-painted enamel designs of Nomination jewellery allow us to create bespoke charm bracelets tailored to each of us. Keeping our personalised Nomination keepsakes in perfect condition is vital to keep our memories alive. Find out how to keep your Nomination jewellery looking its best for years to come.

  6. How to tell the difference between Nomination Classic Charms and Nomination Big Charms

    The concept behind the Nomination Composable bracelet was to design a fashion accessory that expressed the style and personality of the wearer, a modern day charm bracelet. There are four different Nomination bracelet and link (charm) sizes; Tiny, Smarty, Classic and Big. Here at Luxe by Hugh Rice we stock the Classic and Big collections.

  7. How to look after your Michael Kors jewellery

    The Michael Kors collection contains pieces with a gorgeous stainless steel with an ionic plating top to create the gold and rose gold finishes. If the ionic plating gets perfume, alcohol, soaps or moisturiser on it, it increases the wearing on the plating causing it to come off much quicker. It will also cause stones to loosen and possibly fall off.

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