How to look after your Michael Kors jewellery

The Michael Kors collection contains pieces with a gorgeous stainless steel with an ionic plating top to create the gold and rose gold finishes. If the ionic plating gets perfume, alcohol, soaps or moisturiser on it, it increases the wearing on the plating causing it to come off much quicker. It will also cause stones to loosen and possibly fall off.

Michael Kors provide a full 1 year warranty with proof of purchase on all jewellery. This means that the consumer has the right to send this for repair if, within that year, faulty workmanship or defective materials cause the item to become faulty. This doesn't mean that if the item has been improperly used e.g. had perfume sprayed on it which, in turn, has caused the plating to wear off is guaranteed under warranty as this is person abusing their jewellery.

To keep your jewellery in top condition, we would suggest you do the following:

  • Apply all perfumes, moisturisers and cosmetics prior to putting on your jewellery

  • Take jewellery off on a night

  • Do not shower or wash in jewellery

  • Do not sleep in jewellery, especially earrings

  • Keep jewellery in the lovely packaging provided and/or keep it in a jewellery box

If your jewellery gets marked or has anything on it simply clean it with a soft cloth, it does not need to go into a jewellery cleaner.